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Food Ideas that are quick yet wholesome to help with issues?

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Hey Guys

So.. 8 -10 months vegan so far and for the most part I am happy. When I say "most" I have noticed a few issues. 1. gas, bloating, 2. tired, 3. I am hungry often., 4. lost some strength... On the plus side, my bowels have been great! I was diagnosed with IBS years ago.. since being vegan no pills! I poop great


There is a few issues there... I am not giving up by any means... 8 months ago I was about 187-190. lbs. Now I am 184. I compared some photos (see the photo subsection) and I am surprised how well its working...http://www.veganbodybuilding.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=37201/url]


I have read and read into what may help and it appears I do not enough of beans, legumes, and combos that everyone suggests. I do not eat enough whole grains as before when I ate meat I monitored my carbs to prevent weight on. It is also possible that I am not eating enough, however my weight shows me to be relatively close.


I have noticed that I often do not prepare food in advance and like to look for quick meals. I have found many meals that I can make that sound amazing, however the prep time for many is insane..Now do not get me wrong I do not eat the pre made crap like torfkfu etc.... I still eat whole foods just opt out for quick stir frys or smoothies.


What I am wondering, is there any ideas for quick meals, that will provide proper nutrition and help to reduce the few issues I have? I really have to monitor my time as I often in in a hurry as I work 12 hr shifts, full time, and have 4 kids under 8.. Our house is a gong show! Any tips, suggestions would be greatly appreciated!




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What has worked for me for me is grinding oily seeds very well in a coffee grinder and then adding them to my blended smoothies. Eventually I will invest in a manual poppy seed grinder.


Some notes though:


Pre-blended store bought seeds like flax seeds/chia seeds haven't been blended enough to break apart the bonds and I swear they squeeze the fats out to make flax seed oil and sell us just the fiber. Buy whole seeds and blend them yourself.

Poppy seeds safe intake dose: http://nutritionfacts.org/2014/09/11/overdosing-on-poppy-seeds/


My list of seeds:


Flax seeds

Chia seeds

Poppy seeds

Cantaloupe/Canary/Honeydew melon seeds (I drain them in a colander and dry these with a cloth or cheap paper towels, from the cantaloupes I consume) Do not rinse them or add water to them since these sprouted/germinated seeds are TOXIC.

Sesame seeds

Hemp seeds

Pumpkin seeds

Raw pistachios


These seeds improve hand writing, increase cranial and sexual organ size. Enjoy.


I don't consume grains, legumes, roasted nuts/seeds and other gut irritating seeds.

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Its a great idea however it isn't my idea. We use to as a society grind seeds with devices like a mortar and pestle.





I edited my post about Cantaloupe/Canary/Honeydew melon seeds being toxic when sprouted/germinated.


Do you consume rancid nuts from bags or do you purchase whole nuts?


Have you also noticed that Organic almonds are superior in nutrients and taste?


I've tried whole pecans from USA yesterday and they were delicious. The pecans halves sold in bags are rancid and obviously taste nasty. What I can say is that I am learning about the importance of simplicity, going back to our natural roots and eliminate this capitalistic dragon that's causing a food dependency.

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