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Gluten free..?


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Well an annoying thing happened, I started getting digestive issues with gluten (and I think soy but that's not confirmed yet so I'm sticking with the first now). Slightly gaoling for me as I've know so many people who jump on the coolest "allergy" or "inteollerance" which can get annoying..


Anyway, noticed a lot of things I buy like breads and fake meat (sandwiches) and other fake meats are not gluten free.. Should I just give these things up or should I try and find something different? The issue I've had with the second is that, well I can't seem to find any in the UK apart from one or two that are really expensive..

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My quote is: "If said food inflames your Gingiva, it will inflame your digestive system."


Like I replied here (http://www.veganbodybuilding.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=37200) regarding leaving behing unhealthy high carb grains/legumes/oils and moving towards high fat oily seeds, fruits and vegetables.


I've been where you are and have tried legumes recently when they were offered and they inflamed my Gingiva.


Hope this brings awareness.

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