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How to gain weight

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Hello everyone, I am Simone, I've been vegan for four years and weigh 50 kg for 1.80 m. I want to know what and how much should I eat to gain weight and how should I train to build muscles. Thank you


PS: I am underweight since I was a child, even if I ate every food. Moreover, i eat until satiety, I don't starve myself, i don't have any ormonal problem

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wow... thats very little weight. you should post your diet, to see if you´re really eating that much (i thought i was eating more than I should until I counted the calories and realized that I was in fact undereating) anyway try with loads of oats, I let them soak overnight in rice milk and soy yoghurt with peanut butter and have it for breakfast. a lot of rice, pasta and brown bread including as many veggies as you can. and bananas, a lot of them. if you´re on the way u can make your own protein bars, in youtube u have many videos, choose the one u like most

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This is my diet:

Breakfast - 500 gr of juicy fruits

Lunch - 100 gr of grains or pasta with 1 tablespoon of extravirgin oil

Snack 1 - 250 gr of bananas

Snack 2 - 250 gr of bananas

Dinner - 150 gr of lettuce and 100 gr of tomatoes, 100 gr of grains or pasta and 100 gr of legumes (especially lentils) (2 tablespoon of extravirgin oil, one on raw vegetables and the other on cooked carbs)


It's about 2000 calories and there is fruit, vegetables, grains and legumes, with a good amounts of fat, but I can't gain weight, I think my metabolism is too fast...

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Hi Simone, welcome to the forum. Great to see you on here! Thanks for posting up your typical diet. If I'm honest it just doesn't quite look enough to me, and also looks on the low side in terms of protein and healthy fats/EFA's. This would explain your trouble gaining weight.


For lunch I would look at adding something in with your pasta, some protein would probably not be a bad idea. I'd throw in things like avocado, maybe some beans (black, pinto, kidney, chickpeas etc), cherry tomatoes etc. I add stuff like that all the time, gives my food more texture and flavour whilst nutritionally enriching it too.


You could easily add in some trail mix, raw nuts alongside your snacks ~ and don't be afraid to stray away from bananas! Sometimes my afternoon snack is something like a pear or mango, a rice bowl of raw nuts or trail mix and a herbal tea or black coffee.


If you're still feeling a little unsure, take a look through this thread to get some ideas of what (and how much) some of us are eating. I found it quite useful and insightful




All the best MF.

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I think you are not eating enough calories. Go up to 4000kcal, first 2500, when you get used to it to 3000, etc. 2000kcal is just enough to maintain your current weight, and if you are doing sports, it's not enough. Get a 1000kcal from fruits or cereal for breakfast, example: 10 bananas green smoothie or 250grams of oat meal, snack on some fruits in between breakfast and lunch, get a good 1000kcal from grains and lots of veggies for lunch, pre-workout get about 500kcal from fruits or a good green smoothie, with tons of greens, a 1000kcal from legumes after workout, and end the day with some whole food fat sources, unhulled sesame seeds(u can put them on salads, really tasty), poppy seeds, peanuts etc. about 300-600kcal. Hope this helps.

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