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Vegan bodybuilder from Melbourne Aus!


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Hey everyone how are we. My name is James


I was a vegetarian for the later 6 months of last year. since January this year I have been Vegan and loving it. I am 22 and played with the idea of working out and bodybuilding on and off last year. Due to certain circumstances I have been able to do bodybuilding full time (6 days a week) since Jan this year.


I am happy that I am getting somewhere with it. I started off in Jan at 75kg at shy of 6.2 feet tall. Now I have reached 80kg and getting good definition. I have been told that I've got the sort of body to take it as far as competing and honestly would love to take it to that level.


So I am here to get serious as I really do need help. Nutrition is a problem for me, I work 3 jobs. A 60-70 hour working week is quite normal for me. Finding the time to make food is an issue as I just don't have a good but straight forward meal plan to make for my week, I am unsure of what I need that suits me and my goals. I would love to clear up any myths about soy? supposedly it promotes the production of estrogen? and I am currently eating a crap load of tofu.


Any help is appreciated in advance! I just need some solid advice to begin with.


And I am quite excited to jump into the vegan bodybuilding community



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Hey James, great to have you on here! Another person from the Southern Hemisphere


FWIW I wouldn't get too hung up on soy, there seems to be some xenoestrogenic activity but from what I have read this seems to be extremely minimal. Certainly appears not enough to have any effect on hormone levels within the body anyhow so if you're eating it in moderation I believe it poses no risk.


What sort of foods/meals are you currently eating? Look forward to seeing you around the forum soon MF.

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