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okay, the spring shape-up has me motivated and i guess this log will help me stay that way.


my main goal is the abdominals - working for a six-pack. other than that, i'm somewhat confined by a repetitive stress injury in both wrists (or is it carpal tunnel syndrome? - depends on who you ask). but, i plan to do push-ups and some weights in addition to the ab work.


Apr. 4

15 minutes of stretching, crunches and push-ups

90 minutes of yoga (a pretty relaxing session)

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sorry raven, i've been slacking.

thanks for the encouragement!


i do the push-ups with fists, so there isn't much stress on the wrists.


acupuncture did wonders for my wrists 3 years ago, but the guy i was just seeing doesn't seem to be as effective (or maybe my wrists are further damaged now). so, i'm going to find a new practitioner soon. i hear you on that, it's effective for some things more than others, but always relaxing.


back to the log...


apr. 12

10 minutes crunches/push-ups

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cg, thanks for the advice/encouragement/command.


can't remember if i did anything on apr. 13-15, except for 10 chin-ups on the 13th. ~another first time in years.


apr. 16

helped a friend move (90 minutes)

ran 2 miles

some crunches

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apr. 17

10 minutes crunches/push-ups


apr. 18

30 minutes of crunches/push-ups, some barbell work, lat pull-downs, upright row


my wrists hurt today and i'm exhausted (volunteered for 5 hours after work yesterday). been walking about 4 miles a day (to/from work).

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