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Wrist and Forearm training

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Hi all. I am new to this forum as well as to weight training.


I recently bought a pair of hand grippers online for forearm training. Can somebody suggest a workout using hand grippers(how many times in a day and how many sets)?


Also, I want to increase my wrist size. Will the hand grippers be helpful? If not, what are the other ways?



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Hi hope,


I never found hand grippers to be all that productive...


For me heavy back training and a few sets of heavy DB hammer curls produce most of my growth, my forearms sit now at a little over 15". I dont believe in the theroy that forearms, calves and abs require high rep, high frequency training, their expoused to that type of work every day, what they require is seriously intense overload with suffient recovery periods.


Hope this helps


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I agree. If you are performing most of the big power lifts (deadlifts, bench and even barbell curls) they are going to be worked pretty hard. You can always include things like bar hangs and Farmers Walks which are fantastic for grip strength and heaps better than hand grippers.


I'd just thrown them in your car and use them when you're stuck in traffic !!

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