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Hi me again i recently got banned from veggie boards for voicing my opineons, so I'm posting it hear in stead.


whats your favourite workout music, i find i simple can't lift any thing unless am really angry, or artificially pumped by some music preferably Bassey,


herars my all time favourites, my supplies have been completely depleted pleas save my from lack of motivation.


Clubbed To Death by Rob Dougan


butter fly crazy town


glory and gore lord ''not a classic workout song but dose the trick for me''


omen the prodigy


come with me'' puff dady


this moment of ''clarity jay z''


high voltage ''linking park''


right hear right now ''fat boy''


and of course loses your self


I've a very eclectic taste of music, if that is a taste at all.

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I like metal pre workout, however when your under a heavy load (one that requires intense focus) I see it as an annoying distraction....a distraction that takes away the mind to muscle connection. When I train, I go into a trace of sorts, tunnel vision, I dont make eye contact or talk to people, am 100% engaged in the task at hand.

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