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Looking for bodybuilder friends


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Hi I am a Hungarian in Florida, just started weight training 5 months ago, training for physique show in November. I am not a vegan presently, but I know that my body would do better eating plants, looking for good food items obviously for protein that are not shakes and powders and "products"...

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Hi Soffee, welcome to the forum. Great to have you on here, pretty much everything you need is here at your fingertips. I'd highly recommend you think about starting up a training journal especially if you are doing a show this November; you would get plenty of useful feedback and motivation to see you through the coming months.


So many food items that are great to eat on a regular basis, some of my favourites would be things like...









Fruit & veges (I don't restrict these and the more colourful the better)


Nuts/trail mix


Burrito's, wraps etc

Milk variations (rice, oat, soy, coconut etc)


Heaps more but there's a few to get the ball rolling

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