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What supplements do you guys take?

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I was pretty much only taking b12 for a while, but have some extra cash these days so want to maximize my health.


I'm now taking (all vegan):


Vitamin K2 and D3



Vega Protein Powder

Omega 3


Anything else I should look into? Also, if any of you can recomennd a great vegan multivitamin that would be awesome, as It'd be less a pain in the ass if I only had to take 1 multivitamin (in addition to creatine/protein powder)

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Solgar Omnium ~ pretty much the best multi out there in terms of quality, efficacy etc

Omega 3 ~ sourced from microalgae oil


Magnesium ~ I take this at night

Probiotic ~ I also take this at night

Protein powder ~ I bounce between yellow pea protein / brown rice & pea


Nice, I'll look into that multi-


Also wanted to tell you have increased my fat intake since our last exchange, and still feel great. I don't think it was so much the low fat thing that was going so well for me, but rather the high calorie thing. Since I've made the switch to pound food as opposed to limit calories to lose tummy fat, I've seen excellent gains and have bundles of more energy.

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