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Eric, young guy wanting a body change


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Hello, the names Eric, I was 18 when I first became vegan, I'm 20 years now so its been a little over 2 years. I joined vegan bodybuilding just a little over 15-20 mins ago in-search of a plan to help me gain muscle and definition. I've never really worked out before so I don't know where to start Diet-wise or which exercises to do so, I'm in need of dire assistance.


Stats are:

Height: 6ft




I am really into Body-Weight exercises that don't require any equipment. Especially since I only own a bench press and a pull-up bar

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Hey dude, glad to see you here. You can accomplish a lot with bodyweight training. Why don't you try Google Image searching "Madbarz" and see what pops up. That website has a ton of bodyweight workouts, but they are posted on GI if you don't want to join the site. Otherwise, I'd say focus on compound movements like pullups, pushups, squats, lunges, etc., and you should be good for a long while. Add in some HIIT cardio to help reduce bodyfat, and make sure you keep food clean (i.e. no junk, lots of greens, tofu/beans/tempeh/seitan for protein loading, fruit/veggies for energy for training).


Here's a beginner workout I found in a few seconds. You can modify the exercises to make them more difficult, if you like.


While you're at it, maybe start a training log to track your progress?




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Hi Eric, where are you from?


A bench press and a pull up bar is mostly all you need! Ideally you'd have a power rack so you can safely squat and do other barbell exercises that require the barbell to be high up. I would see if you can trade the barbell rack in for the power rack cage. That is what I have now, along with an adjustable bench, Dumbbells, and 2 100lb bands there really is no exercise I can't do.

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above poster is right. any more equipment is just a luxary to pros, and an excuse not to train yet to beginners, i trained more often when i only had two rocks, and a ladder to do pull-ups on, it will teach you dispassion, . I'm not a pro, but I'm interested in intermittent fasting, as a vegan/vegetarian every one will tell you eat loads, then followed with eat more, i have done this all my life and am still small, so I'm taking spiralling ''algae powder'' and hemp protein, essentially all mass gain programs are, ''train till you can't lift any more'' ''if they soled liquid motivation every one would be ripped'' sadly they don't

best of luck. ''alto that hasn't really got any thing to do with it''

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