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Hi folks.


I am 68, live in Sydney Australia. Been vegan just two weeks after three months vegetarian. feels good. I have been working out regular for about ten years - triathlon, varied gym classes, barbell strength training, currently into kettlebells. I have just been reading Caldwell Esseltyn & John McDougall and begun following no fat plant based nutrition eating. I have lost a few kg, hopefully all fat but I want to build muscle, without using supplements. Can anyone give me advice or good reading references please. Cheers to all ......

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Hi windynut, i also live in new south wales, not much to add, but if you stick to whole foods, eat as much as your apatite dictates you will be good, daily protein requirements are i think, 50g according to the FDA, which really is above whats necessary, just eating good foods, you will get enough to gain muscle

aside from that, you could try to get some ground flaxseed, and add a few tablespoons to your daily diet, and eat leafy greens daily


i think you will accelerate towards your goals now that you've gone vegan, theres alot of junk you can still eat as a vegetarian.. milk, cheese, cream, eggs, but particularly on a whole foods diet, you're much better off, if just to have a reason to be strict about that and other processed stuff.


good luck

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