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Sports/sugary drinks and bodybuilding

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I'm 6'6" and about 76kg. Been attempting to build muscle for over a 2 years. I think I have a high metabolism. I am not sure how good or bad sports drinks are or using simple carbs to increase my caloric intake is. I went a couple of weeks drinking only coconut water or real juice or water. I think that complex carbs are better in general. I was concerned about the simple sugars having a negative effect on my testosterone, but in fact, I don't know if white sugar is any worse for that than the sugars in fruits/real juice.


Anyways, I want to know what the effect of having a sports (electrolyte) or vitamin water during or after my workouts will be like. I always have a protein shake after a workout, but I guess I mean during, and at other times of the day when I'm out and about and real juice may not be available. I feel the calories are important for me and would be better than water. Is sugar really so bad?

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Keep in mind, the bodies first priority is not to grow, but to replenish lost glycogen after an intense workout, so ensure and take some sort of easly aposorbing sugar (I like glucose) with that post workout shake, other wise the body will just use the protein to replenish lost glycogen (keep in mind carbs are protein sparring).


If getting lean were your goal, then sugary sports drinks would be out, but since you are lean, I wouldnt see having the odd sports drink to be a huge problem, of course id still recommend gluggin down good old fashioned h20, theres better options for increasing ones calories.




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IMO...sports drinks mostly sugar, low nutritional density for the calories, and the chemicals behind the unnecessary random florescent colors should be avoided too. Really? The red, yellow, green, purple coloring serves no purpose other than to get you to injest unneeded (and unknown) chemicals.


Better to munch before/during workouts. Fruit, veg, low-processed nutrient bar.


After 2 years, if not seeing the results you want, you need to start from the beginning, describing what and how much you're currently eating. If maintaining status quo, either not working out right or not eating right/enough. I had similar problem, just had to tweat what and when I was eating relative to workouts and such...

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i dont think it would hurt anything lol, it's just sugar and salt and flavourings... not really terrible if put in context with a good diet... yeah it's not micronutrient dense... but does something have to be to be healthy?


i guess it would hydrate you faster, whenever i tried drinking them, the sugar just made me feel ill during intense sports, so i usually stick to water


if you arent gaining weight just eat more

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Just FYI, the red colored ones may be colored with crushed beetles.




Or this...


Sports drinks have become more and more popular as advertising campaigns promote Gatorade, Powerade, and the like as alternatives to water. However, Gatorade and other sports drinks contain harmful dyes which have been linked to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and other health problems. A 35-year study, conducted on children aged 3-4 and 8-9, found that artificial coloring perpetuated the severity of chronic ADHD and other behavioral problems.


Blue No. 1, a common dye found in Gatorade, is especially potent. Not only does it turn your tongue blue, but researchers have speculated it may cause temporary discoloration of your body tissue and brain. Red No. 40 and Yellow No. 5 are also used in Gatorade and have been linked to numerous health problems. Most medical professionals agree that Gatorade has high health risks and low nutritional value.


Removing harmful dyes would have no adverse effect on the taste of Gatorade and would make the product much safer, particularly for children. The only purpose for adding dye to Gatorade is aesthetic. Please ask Gatorade to remove harmful dyes from their products.

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