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3 meals a day how to do this ?

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Hi guys.


I want your help for this...


I want to reduce my meals to three or two...


I'm thinking in this...



Carbs: 6 Bananas



Protein: Two can of beans



160 g of Rice or pasta


Cals: 1583

Protein: 57,19

Carbs: 316, 75

Fat. 8,33


Need some fat right?

Maybe adding 2 spoons of olive oil in the rice or in the beans?

I can add greens in the dinner..


I'm doing callistenics about a year...


What do you think?

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So have to ask, what is the goal and the objective of only eating 2-3x a day?


Goes counter to a lot of experts out there. More often should be eating something like 5-6x a day, both to keep your body fueled and keep metabolism cranking.


I would bet you'd start feeling hunger pains after breakfast and before lunch arrives. There don't seem to be any plants/veg in your diet? Assuming the pasta and rice are just plain, add in tons of veggies (peppers, onions, spinach with everything).


1500 cals for a day sounds WAY low too. Have you calculated your BMR which will tell you how many calories you're body consumes just 'existing' and doing literally nothing? Then calculate your Harris-Benedict # to tweak your inputs to align with your goals (lose weight, tone up/lean up, build muscle).


I wouldn't suggest adding empty calories in oils just to up your fat macro # either. Should be able to make some small ingredient changes to your foods to meet your needs. Nutrients in general don't act alone but in pairs and combinations with each other and your body just makes it all work to fit its needs. This is why in large part supplements can be misleading given the concentration of vitamin this or that without the magic that comes from the whole food.


So, standing by to help you out. First up, a few questions:

1) what is your goal/objective?

2) where are you currently relative to that goal?

3) current meal plan and why it's not working and leading to the 2-3 times a day meal plan?


Don't worry, just need to know where we are and where we're headed to help you out!


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You don't need to supplement with overt oils like that, there really is no health benefit for it, unless you just want the calories, but i would recommend eating some ground flaxseed every day, like 1-2tsb of it, it's quite fatty, and the benefit you get from it is the omega 3 fatty acids.. i think olive oil is richer in omega 6's which isnt so good

but yeah, at least eat some peanut butter or some relatively whole food like that, rather than just adding a pure fat to your diet


try adding oats somewhere.. i like to mash frozen fruit and flaxseed into them dry, oats are more calorie dense than cooked rice also, so it might make it easier for u to get the calories down


cant comment on the amount of calories, for all i know you're like a 4'2 girl, and 1600 calories would be plenty, but i think chances are... depending on ur goals you might want ot eat more


@vegan badass.. "Goes counter to a lot of experts out there" these experts are personal trainers, or bros, science doesnt really support eating more times per day, it only serves to allow u to eat more calories

go ahead and eat 3 or 2 days a day, just make sure u eat enough


lunch.. what sort of beans are those? i dont think i could eat 2 cans of just black beans or something like that lol, you can look into indian foods, dhal tadka, other lentil based stuff, easy to make quick versions of most of them, lots of protein and calories in them... but if ur able to just chug 2 cans of beans, that would work too xD


good luck man

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