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Hi protein - low fat

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This may sound like a silly question. I am trying to get enough protein in my diet as naturally as possible by eating nuts and seeds, however I know that these are also loaded with fat which is preventing me from losing belly fat. Does anyone know of any great protein recipes that won't stop me from losing fat? I am willing to buy a powder as long as it's not loaded with sugar and chemicals.

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tons of veg, quinoa for a few. With a variety of plants in your diet, you should get more than enough proteins. Qunioa is a great one. Fiber, complete profile and mixes great with veg. cook up some peppers, onions, toss in some spinach, some kale, then add quinoa and water, cook per directions. Oh, and season to taste. I often use cumin, garlic, pepper, or toss in some chipotles. Tomatos or salsa. Makes a great leftover too!

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