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Vegan calisthenics

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Hi I'm new here.

5"9 60kg 7.9% body fat

Take a look at my photos and let me know what you think and where I should work (plus the exercises to work that muscle group if you're feeling generous).






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You look very healthy and definition is awesome! I'd go with extra calories, for example bulking with dates and figs ect. all day long besides getting enough fats (I think coconut milk is the easiest natural way to get good fats that boost muscle growth) and protein.


Otherwise I think you are well balanced, but pecs could be bigger so I'd go heavy on pec deck, push-ups or bench press (I prefer bench press). Long sets, maybe 8-12 reps per set with moderate weights (=you can train more often if you don't annihilate your muscles with heavy weights thus getting better results and constant muscle growth and less risk for injury).

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