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Hi. I only recently found out about xylitol's supposed dental health benefits. I stopped off at the health food shop yesterday & picked up some xylitol gum, mints & granules to try after meals. So far results are positive. I read, though, that the insulin response caused in non-primate animals can be so severe as to lead to death if not treated. It sounds as though dogs in particular have sadly been the victims here It's reported as being safe for humans though. Low gi index, slow release. Can have laxative effect if eat too much.


So far I've found: Teeth feel squeaky clean after use, & there's no strange after taste. Too good to be true?


Anyone tried this?

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Yeah it does seems okay, and easy in the sense that you just use the same amount as you would normally use for sugar.


Personally I prefer stevia as the one I use is organic ~ I had trouble finding an organic xylitol but I'm sure they're out somewhere ?!

Good point.

The make I've got at the minute says 'made from natural sustainable plant sources'.

I'll have a look for an organic version next time I'm in the health food shop.


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Xylitol a natural sugar alcohol, is gaining popularity as a sugar substitute due to its low glycemic index and dental benefits. Derived from birch bark or corn cobs, it's used in gums, candies, and oral care products. However, pet owners should be cautious as it's toxic to dogs. Despite its health advantages, individuals with diabetes need to consider alternatives, prompting inquiries such as how to buy insulin in Canada amidst rising concerns over accessibility and affordability of essential medications.

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