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Struggling to drop muscle

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Hi Guy's.


First time posting here:


I'm looking to lose muscle and really struggle to drop any mass. I've been vegan about 2 years now, i do martial arts, cycling and yoga and i never seem to be able to shift any mass. I don't do any weight training at all. My diets mainly raw fruit with lots of veg, nuts grains beans etc. My motivation is generally for speed as i feel better for the sports i do when i'm lighter. Any tips would be great, Cheers.

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Hi! Interesting question. How to lose muscle as opposed to non-functional body weight (i.e. fat). Do you know generally what your BMI is? Are you already pretty lean, just muscular? Might suppose (just guessing really) that if you went light on proteins, but kept up your normal routine, you'd consume some muscle that way?


Curious to see what others might suggest...

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I've never encountered anyone with this problem lol. My first question would be how much body fat% are you? You might not have as much muscle as you think you do. You didn't mention that you do any strength training, so I'm not sure that you have that much. What kind of martial arts do you do? Are we talking something like muay thai or something like bjj?

would also not advise losing too much muscle because that is what keeps your bones strong and your body functional. BUT if you are serious about losing muscle and you are lean to the point that losing muscle would be more beneficial than fat, than I would suggest doing things counterintuitively.

Losing weight period will sacrifice some muscle mass. When we are trying to lose fat, we do certain things to prevent as much muscle loss as possible. So essentially, you want to continue trying to lose weight just cut out all the precautionary measures. Things like post- workout shakes, BCAAs, beta-alanine, creatine..etc.

Lots of cardio, running as opposed to cycling. And reduce your carbs... what? I know crazy but muscle is made up of glycogen and glycogen is made up of carbs. So any reduction in carbs would decrease the muscle mass.

I wouldn't suggest getting too light to the point that you need to sacrifice lean body mass. It's not in your best interest and will take a toll on performance.

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