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Post amazing books!


The way of the superior man by David Deida


What is your true purpose in life? What do women really want? What makes a good lover? If you're a man reading this, you've undoubtedly asked yourself these questions-but you may not have had much luck answering them. Until now.


In The Way of the Superior Man, David Deida explores the most important issues in men's lives-from career and family to women and intimacy to love and spirituality and relationships-to offer a practical guidebook for living a masculine life of integrity, authenticity, and freedom. Join this bestselling author and internationally renowned expert on sexual spirituality for straightforward advice, empowering skills, body practices, and more to help you realize a life of fulfillment, immediately and without compromise.


"It is time to evolve beyond the macho jerk ideal, all spine and no heart," writes David Deida. "It is also time to evolve beyond the sensitive and caring wimp ideal, all heart and no spine." The Way of the Superior Man presents the ultimate challenge-and reward-for today's man: to discover the 'unity of heart and spine' through the full expression of consciousness and love in the infinite openness of the present moment.





King, Warrior, Magician, Lover by Moore & Gillette

Arguing that mature masculinity is not abusive or domineering, but generative, creative, and empowering of the self and others, Moore and Gillette provide a Jungian introduction to the psychological foundations of a mature, authentic, and revitalized masculinity.





No more Mr Nice Guy by Robert Glover

Glover's premise is that nice guys have been conditioned by their childhoods and by society to believe that they will be successful only if they make everyone happy and never cause any problems for others. However, this desire for approval results in self-loathing. In other words, nice guys want approval, but don't think they deserve it. This creates internal frustration, since nice guys never try to obtain what they want in life. In addition, the nice guy's desire to obtain approval from everyone (especially women), causes him to actually behave in very un-nice ways. This includes dishonesty (about themselves) and passive-aggressive behavior ("being unavailable, forgetting, being late, not following through...").


Dr. Glover's prescription involves getting nice guys to recognize that their needs and desires are important, and that to make others happy they must first learn to make themselves happy. One of the primary ways advised in the book to remedy this is for nice guys to learn to embrace and develop their masculine traits, instead of fearing and suppressing them.





As a Man Thinketh by James Allen




Awaken the Giant within by Anthony Robbins





The Victorious Attitude by Orison Swett Marden


An Iron Will by Orison Swett Marden



The book of 5 rings by Miyamoto Musashi




The Dhammapada "the sayings of the Buddha"




Thats all for now.


I'm listening to Robert Cheeke on plant yourself podcast and sounds like his new book is awesome I gotta get a copy. Loved the motivation and integrity reinforced in Vegan Bodybuilding and Fitness cant wait to read the new one!

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LOL muu. If you don't feel like reading a whole book I recommend audiobooks. It depends if the reader is charismatic but you can go through entire books in 1 day which is awesome if youre like me and get sleepy after reading 10 pages :P


Seriously though, learning feels amazing. I prefer self help genre at the moment its really helping me grow as a person and gives me lots to talk about in conversations.


I posted youtube links for each of those books i listed. Theyre complete audiobooks if you wanna sample some and see if you resonate.

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well i say i read dune, but really i listened to them on audiobook :S


i used to listen to them at my last job, used to be a cleaner, and we would go in before and after business hours to clean, usually we would spend 4-8 hours alone 1-2 times a day, so i would listen to audiobooks


the dune books lasted quite a while, i was going to move onto enders game, or something like that, but i don't work for them anymore.. now i spend my time eating, exercising or playing video games/youtube :S

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I started listening while playing games but i stopped playing games last year because it wasnt helping me in anyway other than being an escape from my reality.


I'd say start off listening while youre gaming and if you might become more interested in learning and start writing while you listen instead. You remember a lot more when you if you take notes rather than just passively listening.

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The Machine Stops


The story describes a world in which most of the human population has lost the ability to live on the surface of the Earth. Each individual now lives in isolation below ground in a standard room, with all bodily and spiritual needs met by the omnipotent, global Machine. Travel is permitted, but is unpopular and rarely necessary. Communication is made via a kind of instant messaging/video conferencing machine with which people conduct their only activity: the sharing of ideas and what passes for knowledge.
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I think book club is a good idea. Books are important and it is good to discuss them with other people. I don't know why the idea of book club is not more popular than it is. I would recommend this https://masterbundles.com/templates/presentations/powerpoint/book/ site to download best templates about powerpoint book. I would love to be part of a book club and discuss books with other people who like books too.

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