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HELP ! Problems with the new diet!

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just started my new ismeantto loose a little fat but im really confused !

This is what I should eat in my day ( im not vegan yet :'() :


0% fat yogurt + 30/40g cereals or some friut


Fruit and 30g of proteins


50/70g of rice/pasta or 100/120g of bread or Quinoa

+ protein food (30g of proteins) + some veggies


O% fats yogurt


30g of proteins and 1/2 banana or an apple


protein food + veggies


Protein foods (reach 25/30g of proteins)

Lentils/Tofu/seitan/tempeh/eggs/soy wurstels/low fats cheese/beans/soy salame


4.7 ft/ 57Kg

3/4 workouts a week

Is thi diet gonna helo me loose some fat? Do I eat too many fats? Please suggested some good food with low fats I could eat


My problem is I can't find other vegetarian foods with lots of proteins and low carbs and fats... help?

Do you think this diet will work? suggestions?

Ps im a 17 years old girl- 4.7 feets - 57Kg. I workout 3/4 Times a week and also walk

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Eating fat won't make you fat, just an excess of calories will.

A lot of people lose weight fairly quickly following a keto diet (high protein and fat)

So get a calorie counter like 'myfitnesspal' and track your food to a caloric deficit, work out what your total daily energy expenditure is (TDEE) you can probably do this online, and then you'll know how many calories you'll need per day.


Keep it healthy and get in your fruits and veggies and the rest doesn't matter too much...

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Hi There!

My suggestions are

#1 MORE GREENS!!! The more veggies the better, especially green veggies such as broccoli, spinach, and kale.

#2 Worry less about "getting enough protein" and more about eating a wide variety of healthy whole plant foods including vegetables, fruit, legumes, nuts & seeds. As long as you are eating whole plant foods, you really don't have to think so much about the amount of fat you are taking in as well.

#3 Make a super food shake for breakfast or a snack. For example nut milk of choice, some hemp seeds, flax meal, banana and/or berries. You will take in high quality nutrients with less work having to be done by your digestive system this way.

I hope that helps

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My pleasure! I'm happy to hear you are getting it all figured out. It's definitely an ongoing process to discover what exactly works best for your body

Let me know how you like the breakfast and if you need any more suggestions!


I keep hearing that I have digestive issues because I'm a C blood type and shouldn't eat grains, beans and breads.

I wish i knew what was truly right. I guess I have to hush my mind and all the crap I've read & just see how I really feel...

Starting is hard because I'm tired of failing.

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