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New and very intrigued!

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Hi, everyone.


My name is Sophie, 28, and I'm from Norway. I wanted to be a PT and work in fitness when I was around 20, but after having worked out with poor technique for years, I had a ton of injuries keeping me from pursuing my dreams (injuries I still struggle with). After a bad injury to my shoulder, I was left unable to workout for 2 years, before getting back into it. Then we moved to a place without a gym nearby, and got a dog not late after (and then got another dog not long after that again). My workout for 3 years consisted of only taking my dogs on long walks in the woods, which I think is the only thing that kept me from becoming obese.


In December 2014 I went to get my hip checked out, which was getting so bad that I had to use crutches sometimes and he told me that it was poor mechanics in my joints and zero muscles. I had to start weightlifting - a lot.


In March I got finally back into it, and now I'm REALLY into it. The fire is back! I'm an esthetician and sit on my butt all day making ladies pretty, but I decide my own hours. So on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I do weightlifting in the middle of the day, and have two more weightlifting days on Saturdays and Sundays. I don't do too much steady state cardio, but I do HIIT sprinting on treadmill 2 times a week (on upperbody days) and yoga a little here and there when ever I feel like it. I also stretch every single day as well as still going on long walks with my dogs. I'll also be getting my PT license this fall.


I have never been a fan of meat and in my culture there is meat EVERYWHERE, but I wasn't strong enough to stand up against my family when I was younger. But I have always loved animals and for the last 6 years I haven't used any products tested on animals. 2,5 years ago though, I cut out poultry first and 6 months later I cut out all other meats except fish. I was a pescitarian for 2 years before becoming vegan 3 months ago. Nutrition is something that interests me A LOT and I will most likely get a degree in nutrition at some point. Right now I'm reading books and trying to learn as much as I can on my own.


My instagram, where I share everything I eat and progress pictures of my body and some of my workouts, is @fitness_sophie. I'm on the forums here wanting to be inspired by other fitness nerds and possibly learn enough to maybe enter a fitness competition here at some point. I don't know of any vegan fitnessmodels in Norway and I think that's a shame. We should have someone representing us!


So.. thank you for having me and I look forward to learning a lot and joining in on discussions!

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Hey there! Thanks for sharing your story. I checked out your instagram account, and you have awesome food pictures! Also, are those Whippet pups, or Greyhounds? They look really cool. Have you thought about starting a training log? It's one of my favorite parts of the day.



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Oh, I totally forgot about this forum once I had made the first introductory post. So silly!


I actually did go ahead and become a PT and work as one now. I will definitely start a workout log as I have lost 2kg in under 2 weeks with my new meal and workout plan.


My dogs are italian greyhounds The best dogs in the world (as any mama would say).

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I love your story and congrats on becoming a PT. I am a PT as well and have been certified for over 2 yrs. I am not currently training as I am trying to get my health back in order. I was diagnosed with hashimotos( autoimmune thyroid disorder) in July. I want to get back to it after I lose this weight ( I gained weight on account of hashimotos) and after I start feeling 100%.


I would love see your meal plan.

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