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proteins other than soy, seitan and shakes?

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hey guys! i would really appreciate some help here!

until now, i have been supplementing my meals with protein shakes to get about 25-30g total of protein per meal. i dont enjoy chugging down those shakes multiple times a day and im looking to replace that protein with food.

i know there are a lot of bullshit claims on soy and gluten but it's enough to make me not want to consume 70-90g of protein of either of them every day. both gluten and the hormones in soy are supposedly harmless, but i still feel a little uneasy eating exorbitant amounts of these foods regularly. it doesn't help that there's agendas, studies contradicting others and fad-diet gurus polluting the discussions in nutritional sciences.

now im thinking i should just eat beans, peas, lentils and my usual vegetables right? however that stuff is loaded with fiber, and im pretty sure i shouldnt go beyond 40g (or 15g/1000kcal or smt). broccoli and carrots for example already have 3g of fiber per 100g and they have negligible amounts of protein

concerning nuts and seeds: i feel like they have very low protein for how much fat they have (smt like 10-20 for 50g of fat per 100g) and i prefer choosing my fats by using oils to get medium-chain triglycerides (coconut) saturated fat, lots of monounsaturated fat, a little ala omega 3 (i prefer taking epa/dha algae supplements) and low omega 6 (because it competes with omega 3 for the same sets of enzymes). i have yet to find a food that is fatty but low omega 6 + some protein (macadamia is mostly omega 9 but very low protein).

i've been looking into lupine, the nutritional profile kind of seems too good to be true. im suspicious because few people are eating/selling it. apparently has some hormones as well but much less than soy and some toxins that get taken out to the point where its below an unhealthy threshold..thoughts?


i appreciate every comment!

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Beans, lentils, spinach lots of spinach, greens, broccoli, fruits


When u are trying to get gains it's the carbs that are more important then protein. Protein from whole foods is much better than buying powders stripped of all the goodness that is in the whole food.


I can of black beans with 2 cups brown rice and salad will give me over 50g protein and that's just one meal.

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