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Intermittent Fasting- Raw Til 4

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When I first started losing weight a couple years ago, I went by the Warrior Diet, which is 20 hours fasting with 4 hours of eating and dropped off my first 20lbs in about 6 weeks. I've seen the "raw til 4" thing going around on Instagram and YT and all that, so I was curious if it's the same type thing, eating raw basically from the time you wake up until 4pm and then eating cooked for 4 hours, or is it just eat cooked from 4pm until bedtime? Giving that I'm still trying to drop weight, I wouldn't have an issue with getting my calories in from 4pm to 10pm. I know that the 18/6 approach is popular with intermittent fasting as well. (I did 20/4 with no problem when I was an omnivore because of the caloric content of animal products obviously with being an herbivore I would need more time to hit that calorie mark) I work nights twice a week, which would cover that eating window so I'd have to adjust the timing but other than that, I have no problem with I.F. so raw til 4 seems doable.


Anyone have any thoughts or experiences doing this, or any advice or warnings about "raw til 4"? I tend to graze more than have real meals so 8 hours or whatever of munching on greens, seeds (I know they aren't technically raw but still.) and fruit seems almost ideal to me.

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well, maybe it has a similar effect... most raw stuff has alot less calories than processed/cooked foods... 230g of apples is only 120 calories, compare that with 230g of oats, that's almost 900 calories, 230g of rice is 300 calories, 230g of strawberries is 75.9 calories


might have a similar effect, but my impression of IF is, you can't eat at all while you're fasting, or it breaks the hormonal effects... or w/e they claim for it


raw till 4 could just end up being, so you get alot of like, fiber, and filling materials for 4 hours, so you're less hungry for the last 4 hours

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There are different notions of the intermittent fasting, some people just drink coffee, water, milk and/or tea during their fast, some just have a couple of pieces of fruit. Part of the 20/4 that I was on was that you had two "undereating" phases and then you had your "overeating phase." The point behind it was that your body uses more energy digesting the food and so it's essentially giving your body a break. Your two undereating phases weren't meant to go over 200 calories each time. then your overeating phase was to make sure you hit your calories. Your body wouldn't go into starvation mode, nor would you deal with hunger pangs because after a week of doing this (it was less for me actually) your body got used to it and adjusted so you wouldn't feel hunger at all until your overeating phase. Which for me, was 4pm, and I ate until 8pm. Then had the overnight hours of sleeping to digest what I ate during my overeating phase. The cool part was that after I stopped doing intermittent fasting and just ate 3 or whatever meals a day, the weight didn't come back on. So it's not some fad type "diet" since you're still eating the same calories you've been eating, it's just in the timing.


With greens and most fruits being so low in calories, it wouldn't be very far off from what I've described. It's not just raw for four hours and eat cooked for four hours, it's eating raw from the time you wake up in the morning, until 4pm, or basically dinnertime, then eating cooked until bedtime. Which kind of sounds to me like it'd be similar to a 18/6 regiment of IF. 18 hours fasting, 6 of eating. (or undereating and overeating if you want to use the terminology) Like I said, I lost 20lbs doing it that way, (20/4 approach) when I was an omnivore and never put it back on even after I stopped IF.

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