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Fire Academy prep and food log

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Academy is approaching and I have been ramping up training and study.


Training: GTG


600m fast run (includes a 100' hill)

10 pull ups/bw ring rows

30 push ups/10 ring dips

25 bw squats

25 sit-ups

Repeat every 90 min for 8 rounds


Last round did both pull-ups and rows and push-ups and dips for a total of:


4800m of hill runs

50 pull-ups

50 ring rows

50 ring dips

150 push-ups

200 squats

200 sit-ups

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3 mile trail run with 900' of elevation in 33:16. Over a minute faster than last time which was great considering the previous day's training.


Also 10 sets spread throughout the day of:


10 pull-ups

35 push-ups

30 sit-ups



100 pull-ups

350 push-ups

300 sit-ups

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Trail run:

5 miles with 1250' elevation in 54:43. That's 8:33 faster than last week! I love those early gains in cv endurance. I expect the improvements will slow down quite a bit but hope to get this trail in under 50 min in the coming weeks.


The diet is spot on and sleep habits have shown much improvement except for the last 2 nights when I showed a slippage in self disciple in regards to Netflix before bed. I'm going to nip that in the bud tonight.


Tomorrow I will get back on the grease the groove train and shoot for a total of 400 pushups, 120 pull-ups, 350 sit-ups, and 6-8 x 600m fast runs.


Oh yeah and I've been able keep my weight up at 184 during this time.

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That's a ton of push-ups dude nice!


Hot out there? It's perfect October weather here now man. Heading up to Madison mid-November. Can't wait!


Thanks! I've been working on my capacity. I'm going up against a bunch of young studs in the academy and hopefully I can set myself apart.


It was super nice this week but got really hot today at 100 deg and will be hot thru the weekend. You're going to love Madtown. If you ever meet Catfish, local blues guitarist looks like Yosemite Sam, tell him I said hello.

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Took a few days off. Ate like a champ




Max test

Dead hang pull-ups - 22 (decent)

Push-ups chest to floor 80bpm tempo with metronome, one beat up one beat down- 44 (needs improvement)

Sit ups 60bpm metronome - 55 (pretty weak)


Once I could not keep pace with the metronome the count was stopped for push-ups and sit-ups.


60 min later


Low intensity/high volume WO

20 sets each of 5 pull ups alternated with 10 slow chest to floor push-ups. Took me 26 min

Total of 100 pull-ups and 200 push-ups.

2 min on 25 sec off jumprope x 5

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30 days out.


Trail run. 5 miles with 1250' elevation gain. 54:23. Beat my time by 20 sec even though the climb was slower and felt significantly harder today. I made up the time on the way down. I'm not sure why the climb hurt more today but I think some active recovery stretching and foam rolling plus increasing volume will help. You kind of have to run everyday to get good at it.

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No training today but results below


Thank you for participating the in academy wellness day. If you have any questions in regards to injuries, nutrition or other please feel free to reply to this email. Below are the results of your initial body composition measurement


Weight : 185.2 Lbs.


Lean Mass: 163.7 Lbs.


Fat Mass: 21.5 Lbs.


Body Fat %: 11.6%

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Tough, grueling workout today. I love pushing myself to the limit.


Jumprope 2 min on / 25 sec off x 5



Pull-ups x 14,14,9,11

Bulgarian ring dips x 5,5,5,5



Ring rows x 9,9,10

Archer ring push-ups x 6,6,6 each side


Farmer's carry 70lb x 100 m to the hill


Farmer's carry 70lb x 100m up hill

Run down run up

Farmer's carry 70lb x 100m down hill

Run up run down

Repeat 3x


Farmer's carry 70lb x 100m to home.

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Trail run: 5 miles with 1250' elevation gain in 53:08.


1:15 improvement. I made all the improvement in the climbing portion which felt awesome. But I was much slower on the decent today because my hamstring started to cramp up. I should've drank more in the way up and not saved it but the cramp went away after drinking and the last mile was decent.

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Warmup: jumprope 2 min on/ 25 sec off x 5



Pull-ups x 13,13,13,11

Bulgarian ring dips x 6,6,6,6



Ring rows x 9,10,10

Archer ring push-ups x 7,8,8 each side




315x3...feeling a bit off and called it a day

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I had my pre academy physical today


BP - 103/66

Resting HR -44 bpm which was taken while I was standing waiting for to get on the treadmill for the exertion test.

I don't remember the exact protocol for the treadmill test but I was like this. 2 min of a regular walking pace at 0 deg and the pace got faster and faster while the treadmill gradually tilted to 16 deg. I was at a speed walking pace for a couple min. I think it was 12km/hr where my HR hit 136 and BP measured 124/66.


Lol my resting HR and BP before vegan was 60 and 124/84

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