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Going crazy over squats !


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I have some lower back problems that stop meanm performig a good suat (I tried at the multipower and also the free ones ).

I'm really sad about it cause I really wanna build a nice and round butt and i know squats are pretty good at it !

My leg day is:


Leg extension 3×15

Squat ( help ! ) 4×12

Walking lunges 4×10

Adductors 3×15

Leg curl 4×15

Sitting calf 3×15


My question is : "can someone help me finding a valid alternative to squats?"

It needs to be an exercise that works primary on my gluteus and that gives good results

Maybe the leg press? ( but how good does it work on gluteus? ) or maybe another version of lunges?

I hope you will be able to help me !

Thank you soo much )

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Lunges are quite a good alternative, try different variations, reverse, side, or even front lunges with an incline (on to a step or bench).

Have you tried a hack squat machine? That might be easier on your lower back but yeah leg press would be okay, make sure you're doing them with a full range of motion, so many people do half reps and then brag that they can lift the whole stack haha

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Ive 3 herniated discs in my low back, ive found leverge style leg press (such as the technogym, cybex or hammer versions) to be the best movement for working around the problem, the curve in these machines elevates much of the stress on lower back and knees. The linear version isnt so good, it puts more strain on the back.


best of luck


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My ass gets huge from low bar back squats so I don't really know if there is a viable alternative but check out some of Brett Contreras' work. He seems to think hip thrusters are even better. I prefer squats and deadlifts though your back issues may hinder you.


What issues exactly in your low back are you dealing with? Often low back issues are really low back weakness and the proper training utilizing squats and deadlift will help strengthen the back. Or it could be an imbalance or mobility issue in the hips. I suggest Joe Defranco's limber 11 routine daily. It's on YouTube.

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