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Greetings- Is there Redemption by going Vegan ?


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At 58 I find myself in need of a body makeover..


I've been dealing with thyroid cancer since 2006, two surgeries this year alone for cancerous lymph nodes but the real cause of what brings me here today is on July 14th my life changed forever. While sitting at my desk after a lunch of a double cheeseburger topped with a fried egg; French fries and a beer my heart started beating at 227 and held it for 40-minutes till I could get to an emergency room.


I had a VT (Ventricular Tachycardia) which about 90% die. It wasn't a heart attack but a significant cardiac event. An angiogram showed no vascular issues however an Electrophysiology Study showed an erratic nerve that goes to 240 when stimulated. After a heart MRI the solution was to implant a ICD Cardiac Defibrillator.


I was in relatively good health having lost 100lbs over about 3-years, I use to be a Marine but let my self go after the service (still 100lbs to go, I topped the scales about 367 lbs now about 276 standing 6'). This year I had already finished 2-half marathons and previous years a half-ironman and a full marathon.


The cardiologist thought I would probably never get shocked that my VT was an anomaly . Sure enough, 9-days later I got shocked by my defibrillator after you guessed it; after eating a full pizza and a beer.


Up to this point I've only done cardio, either running or cycling to lose weight.


Can redemption be found here?



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Almost 100 lbs down already. Nicely done!


Lifestyle change is hard for most overnight, but good news is its SO much more of a healthy lifestyle, and with some creativity you can plant-base pretty much whatever your favorite indulgences are to pack in the nutrition. Just always pair up the bad with lots more good -- moderation and all that. Plus the grains/greens/etc go a long way to filling you up and keeping you full -- micro nutrients will feed your body and also quell hunger.


Props for your marathons, and iron mans....doing my first 1/2 this May. Running for me was a training tool, not something I did/do 'for fun'...haha!

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