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AWS Journey.

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Finally decided to kick my butt back into shape.

I am 28, 183cm tall and weigh 207lbs.

Goal: Get weight down to 170lbs, get my overall cardio up to scratch.

Hoping to hit about 180lbs by the end of the year.


I guess you could say this journal is a must for me. There have been times in the past where I have

put on weight but managed to lose it quite easily a few weeks after.

This is the first time in years that I have got to this weight level.

I've started breathing heavily more, getting tired/loss of energy extremely quickly and experiencing

anxiety a crazy amount more than in previous years.

I don't really have any specific evidence that points to my weight triggering these issues, but I have never felt

like this before until I gained the weight


Training will be 6-7 days a week.

Some of those days will be just a light cardio session, the others lifting sessions.

Will post as each day approaches.

Also will be posting starting pics end of tomorrow night.


Diet - Starting out at about 1800 calories, while watching body weight and energy throughout workouts to determine

if I will be upping calories.

Specifics - Protein:150.8 Fat:29.4 Carbs:189 Calcium:655.5 Fiber:36.5 Calories:1711.5


Do or die time

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I think it's great that you want to make an improvement in your health and quality of life; HOWEVER, I think your weight loss plans are unrealistic. You're expecting to drop 27 lbs in 8 weeks, which is 3.4 lbs/week. In order to accomplish this, you need to operate at a 11800 kcal deficit per week, or ~1700 kcal deficit per day! IOW, your expected results aren't going to happen...and you're going to get frustrated...which is usually followed by loss of motivation.


Suggest you plan for the long term...operate at a 500 kcal/day deficit, and plan on losing one pound per week. I know you're in a hurry, but patience and monitoring results, along with managing progress and inputs are key. As for your macros, I think your protein is a bit high (gasp!) and your fats are a little low. (fats are SUPER important)


Good luck!

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Two years ago, back to the non vegan days, if I was not eating about 190-220g of protein

Nothing would grow on me. I went a while around 160-170g mark and my strength suffered



This is the first time I'm going this low. The reason being is because every vegan lifter and every

article/video I have viewed created by one have all stuck to a lower protein intake and a really

High carb intake.


Yeah I knew eating 1700 would be a bit low. My maintenance level is roughly about 2600 so I'm going to change it to about 2200. I guess it's impatience

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Just to clarify, 1700 kcal/day is actually way too much...you would need to create a deficit of 1700 kcal/day! (IOW, intake of 900 kcal/day)


Anyhow, I hear you on the protein...I believe that slightly too much protein is better than inadequate protein. I weigh 15 lbs less than you and regularly eat 225-240g of protein per day, which is 1.2g/lb bodyweight based on my short term weight goal...bodybuilding circles would consider this in the bottom-middle of the range for gaining.


However, by convention for athletes, fat intake is typically recommended .35g-0.5g per pound of bodyweight. You're not even half way to the minimum, even if calculated at your short term target weight of 180 lbs.


If anything, I think you need to "make room" in your diet for more fats...at least get to the minimum. Your protein could give a little, since you're working a deficit strategy. Carbs could give a lot...if that works for you.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Spent the entire week getting my max lifts.

I've worked my program around the main lifts.

Was going to start my program seven days ago but since I have not lifted anything in quite a long time, I thought

I'd get everything right.

Squat - 122kg/268lbs

Bench - 85kg/187lbs

Deadlift - 150kg/330lbs

Military Press - 42kg/92lbs

Clean - 45kg/99lbs


Feel like crap posting starting photos but hey.. needs to be done

Sore as hell after the first week but pumped to start from scratch tomorrow


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Day 1 - 16/11/15


Lat pulldown - 40kg x15, 65kg x15, 50kg x15

DB Rows - 25kg x10, 20kg x10, 25kg x6, 20x4

Seated Row - 40kg x25, 30kg x25, 30kg x25

DB Curl - 10kg each hand x 12reps x 3 sets

BB Curl - 18kg x12 x2sets

Hammer Curl - 2x12x 5kg each hand

10min Liss on treadmill


Today's workout was a bit all over the shop.

Worked late and had just made it into the gym before it closed.

Changing my workouts to mornings from now on.

Change of food, tons of water, feeling good

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Day 2.


Military Press - 40kg x10, 40kg x8, 40kg x7

Seated DB Press - 10kg x15, 15kg x15, 15kg x12, 15kg x12

DB Raises - 4x 7kg each hand x 15

Upright Rows - 20kg x15 x3

Bent over rear delts - 7kg each hand x12reps x 3 sets

Front Raises - 7kg each hand x12reps x 2 sets



Ate a little bit under today. Didn't really stop to eat throughout the day

so had to cram it all in towards the later part of the day.


On to day 3

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Day 4 -


Full body compound day.

DB flat bench press - warm up, 50kg x 6 - set - 60kg x6, 60kg x6, 65kg x5, 65kg x6, 65kg x6.

Squats - warm up, 60kg x3, 70kg x2 - set - 80kg x6, 80kg x6, 80kg x6, 90kg x3, attempted 100kg failed.

Military Press - 40kg x8, 40kg x6, 40kg x5.


Was unsure how my squats were going to go as during the week of testing my maxes I was extremely sore for the

following few days.

It actually turned out alright. Four days into eating the exact same thing and tracking everything and I feel good.

Felt really good going into the gym today.

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gotta agree with jmf... havent been doing it for long, but so far my protein has been low, have tried high protein for a few months, but the only thing that really affects my strength is overall lowering of calories for me... high protein didnt help... my fats are also quite low too

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Good on you for posting pics...it will help keep you accountable. Also, get your body measurements while you're at it, and but only update once per month. IMO, you should be tracking weight, 3+ skinfold sites (bodyfat %), shoulders, chest, biceps, forearms, waist, hips, quads, calves Keep your sights on that monthly "progress check day"


...and I like that you're focusing on [more challenging] compound exercises.


How is your calorie/macro tracking going?

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Day 5 + 6


No workouts.

Day 5 was supposed to be a rest day.

Day 6, gym closed earlier.

Unfortunately my gym is not 24hr.

Tried to get into a couple of 24hr gyms but because you need a keycard to get in at night, no chance.

It's crap that some 24hr gyms require a key pass to get in, only because I couldn't get in

to any for a one off session, but for safety it's great lol.


Diet still on track, feeling quite well

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Day 7


DB Bench Press - 50kg x15, x11, x10

Incline DB - 40kg x15, x10, x8

DB Flys - 15kg each hand x15, x15, x15

Hi Cable Flys - 15kg each side x20, x20, x20, x20

Dips - Could not even get one. Well if you count a half assed dip then maybe.

triceps were so fatigued. Felt crap not being able to do it.

Cable rope pulldowns - 40kg x8 superset with 20kg x12, 50kg x8 superset with 30kg x12, 50kg x8 superset with 30kg x12,

50kg x7 superset with 30kg x12, 50kg x6 superset with 30kg x12

DB Overhead extension - 15kg x10, x12, x13


Well triceps were absolutely weak today. Gotta work on those fellas

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Thanks JMF


To be honest I've stuck to these for the last seven days and still feel awesome.

I red you're advice but I chose to continue with these current macros because it's a diet/training program that

I am following.

I promised to stick to this diet/training layout so I'm going to see how it works out.

It's supposed to be for four weeks, so we'll see how it goes.


Foods -



Black Beans

Brown Rice

Oat Milk


Spinach Leaves


Red Split Lentils


Sun warrior protein

Sugar Free RedBull


Totals - Protein: 112.8g, Fats: 33.6g, Carbs: 273.4g, Fiber: 40.7g and Calories: 2096.5

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Day 8


Squats - 60kg x3 warmup then 65kg x12 reps x 3 sets

Front Squats - 40kg x12 reps x 2 sets

Leg Curls - 40kg x15, 40kg x15, 40kg x6 5 second pause then 40kg x2 then 30kg x 7reps

Leg Extensions - 50kg x20, 50 x20, 50 x15 pause 5 seconds then 50 x5

Calf Press - 60kg x15 x3sets


The fun part of the gym I attend is that it is three flights of stairs high. Walking up them is a pain,

walking down them after a leg session is murder


Felt reasonably ok today, felt a bit exhausted before I started but managed to push through it.

According to the program I'm following, it's got deadlifts on this day also.

From previous workouts I always throw them in on back day.

On to day 9

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Day 9


Deadlifts - 100kg x5, 110kg x5, 110kg x5, 110kg x5

DB Row - 25kg x10 x3

Lat Pulldown - 50kg x15, 45kg x15, 45kg x15

Seated Row - 30kg x25 x2

BB Curl - 20kg x12 x2


My lifts compared to the other week for this day felt incredibly weak.

I think it's because I added in deadlifts on back day this time.

My program suggested having it done on Leg day, but I knew I would get better lifts in

having it on back day.


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Day 10 - Off Day.


Day 11 -


Seated DB Press - 17.5kg each hand x 15 reps, 20kg each hand x13 reps, x9 reps, x8 reps

DB Side Raises - 7kg each hand x15, x15, x15 then 10kg x10

Upright Rows - 23kg x15, x15, x15

B/Over rear delt raises - 7kg each hand x12, x12, x12

Front Raises - 10kg each hand x12, x12, x12, x12

Shoulder Press machine - 100 reps at 27kg


Did not do Military press today as I am doing it tomorrow for the full body Bench, Squat, M/Press workout.

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Day 13 - 14 Off.


Should have done some cardio or something to keep body active but was to

occupied with life in general


Day 15 -

DB Bench Press - 50kg x3sets x15reps

Incline DB Bench Press - 40kg x3sets x15reps

DB Flys - 12.5kg each hand x15reps x3sets

Incline Cable Flys - 2x20reps x20kg each hand, 2x20reps x15kg each hand

Cable Rope Pulldowns - 40kg x8reps superset with 20kg x 12reps x 3 sets


At the end of this weeks cycle I'm going to start adding all the cardio and HIIT workouts I was

supposed to do from the start of this journal.

I'll weigh myself at the end and decide if needed.

Started to really feel drained lately before workouts but I think it just to do with Summer starting over

here and having to drink x10 bottles of water a day haha

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Day 15 - Day Off


Day 16 - Legs


Squats - warm up - 60kg x 1rep

set - 70kg x 12reps x 3sets

Leg Curls - set - 40kg x 15reps x 2sets

- 40kg x 7reps, couldn't complete 12 so dropped down to 30kg and completed the last 8reps

Leg Extensions set - 50kg x 20reps x 3sets

- 60kg x 20reps x 1set

Calf Press set - 100kg x 12reps x 4sets


Day 17 - Day off


Day 18 - Back/Biceps


Did not record this workout - forgot my notepad, should have lodged on my iphone but it completely slipped my mind.


Day 19 - Day off


Day 20 - Shoulders


Military Press - 40kg x10reps x 1set

45kg x7reps x 1set

45kg x6reps x 1set

Seated DB Shoulder Press - 40kg x 13reps

40kg x 10reps

45kg x 8reps


Standing DB Side Raises - 7kg each hand x 15reps x 2sets

10kg each hand x 15reps x 1set

10kg each hand x 10reps, couldn't complete so dropped to 7kg each hand, completed last 5reps

Upright Row - 25kg x 15reps

25kg x 10reps

25kg x 10reps



To be honest this week has been a crappy week so far. Not life wise just workout.

Diet is still on track.

I felt really tired and honestly could not be bothered on some days. I let some bs embarrassment idea into my thoughts and felt

uncomfortable with being a bit out of shape and really didn't want to be at the gym anymore.

Stupid really haha. I think I'm just tired from work and the extreme heat here in Australia at the moment and let the miniscule

crap bother me.

Felt like dropping the diet for a day but did not

Next week is a new week and will weigh my self at the start of it to see if I'm losing anything.

Guess I'll keep on trucking!

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Day 20


Got home after work and crashed for a bit, planned on going to the gym a couple of hours later.

Woke up so wrecked and didn't feel I had the energy for a full body session.

Glad I went. All my lifts went really well.


Flat DB Bench - 70kg x6

70kg x6

70kg x6

70kg x6

70kg x5


Squat - 95kg x6

95kg x6

95kg x4

95kg x2


Deadlifts - 100kg x5

110kg x5

120kg x4


I felt I could have gone 130 but back starter to curve a bit so left it for next week

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey all,


Dropped of the last two weeks due to work and family commitments.

Diet was kept on check until the last 4 days.

I wouldn't say I ate unclean/bad, but I did eat a bit over my caloric intake.

At the end of the first month I weighed in at 90.5kg, dropped down from 95kg so

pretty happy about that.


Now with xmas on the way and have some time off, I'm back to it.

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