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Packed lunch and meal prep?

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I am a new began and am a self employed builder.

Here in the UK vegan choices in cafes or just eating out in general are pretty much non existent. I need to eat away from home minimum 5 times a week so i am going to start taking my own foods.

This is somthing i will more than likely be doing for the rest of my life so keeping things interesting but simple is key, might also be worth mentioning at this point that it's rate i have access to anything that would re heart food so i am looking for mainly recipes that can be eaten cold so with this in mind my question is what kind of foods do people tend to make for packed lunch?

How do you go about your meal preping for the week? And which recipes can be made in bulk to save cooking every night of the week and how long will it keep for or better yet can it be frozen.


Am sure this will help quite a few people so please try to only comment with actual information and not just statements such as "I have wondered this myself and will be watching this thread" more often than not threads seem to have more of these kinds of comments rather the actual information been sought after.


Thanks in advance


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I used to work 14 -16 hour days while i was competing, so eating 6 times a day. Most of my meals would be eaten away from home. I wasn't vegan then, but I can tell you that you just have to get used to eating things cold. I got soo used to it that now I eat my leftovers cold all the time lol.

To make things easier, I eat the same thing for lunch all week. So a great investment would be a crockpot! Toss in beans and veggies with seasonings in your crockpot and make a big pot of protein power. Divide it into 5 servings and meal prep is made super easy.


Hope that helps!

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Smoothies, soaked oats, avocado sushi rolls, big pots of chilli for multiple meals. Totally doable. I'm about to start a 16 week fire academy that will be 12-14hrs away from home every day so I'm planning the meals out now.

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