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**BIG UPDATE: REVISED (again)** (January 17, 2016)


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So, it appears we may have to upgrade to 3.1.x of the phpBB forum software as I suspect the 3.0.x line will likely be stopping support soon.


As such, I figure tomorrow might be a good day to do the update early in the morning (PST) while people are still recovering from ringing in the New Year. I'll be aiming around 7am PST (Los Angeles)


The server will be unavailable. I will be backing up the server before I begin this but I do HIGHLY recommend that you do back up anything that you might want to save.


Due to the time it's taking to do the backup, I'll do the upgrade tomorrow after I've confirmed the backup is good.


I hate when life interferes. Ok. I've had to delay this a bit long so that will allow for more people to save what they need to. I'm going to try on the 17th to get the upgrade done.

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