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What do think of lifting heavier?

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I love lifting weights and have been doing 10-12 reps, trying to go heavier on the weights. I would like to build more muscle and also lose this last 15 lbs. around my stomach area. I am not as concerned about weight as measurement around my stomach. I was thinking of lifting heavier and doing less reps also because my testostorne was a little low. Would that stall my weight loss to do heavier weights? I can't do a lot of cardio as it wears out my body. I am dealing with hashimotos. Lifting weights doesn't seem to bother me.


What are your thoughts?

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Hi Kathy,


I would suggest you put getting lean on hold for a few months Kathy, eat to optimise size and strength (its winter, tis the season to build mass), then in a few months go into diet mode and start cutting. While cutting, reduce the stress of your workouts and utilise hypertrophy specific techniques (such as j-reps, 1 1/4 reps, occlusion, pre exhaustion, cluster sets etc). Youll get a better result then training by mixed premises.


Best of luck

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