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Best Tasting Protein Supplement + first post intro


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Hey there,


I was wondering what the best tasting vegan protein powder is?

I genuinely don't like the taste of "sprout" protein sources. I'm very new to vegan bodybuilding and would appreciate any advice regarding supplementation & diet.


I've lifted all my teenage/adult life and competed in boxing until recently I endured an elbow injury (loose body). During my time off, I've read 'Animal Liberation' - Peter Singer and decided to go vegan. I've now been vegan for about 6 months. However, in that time I haven't been training and have been eating anything I felt like (provided it was vegan) without looking at my macro-nutrient intake.


Very excited to get back into training post-surgery and doing it in a cruel free way

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i have tried a bunch of different ones... i find that rice based protein is a bit grainier, pea protein is smoother, but sometimes has a bad aftertaste... best one i have had was a blend of rice and pea... i have tried sunwarrior, hated it lol, was overly sweetened, grainy as hell, and of course, very pricey... would never try vega because it's even more pricey lol


the one i liked the most was a vanilla pea/rice from a local (pretty well regarded) bulk/discount seller... probably about equivilant to myprotein for the USA...


i dont use protein supps anymore but thats my experience

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