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I had my first PT session yesterday. I was all weights based and today I am really feeling it in my muscles...


I'm also feeling very hungry. I don't remember feeling like this when I was training for half marathons. I want to build muscle, but lose a lot of body fat, but I also don't want to choose between feeling empty and eating above my calorie goals (I'm aiming for 500 cal deficit a day).


Any tips on filling foods that will make me feel satisfied and also help make me strong?

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My put, based on Dolce principles.....to take or leave.


Rule #2: Eat based on what you just did or are about to do.


Pre-workout, you need to fuel up for your workout. Post-workout, you'll need to replenish and load for recover and building all those new muscles!!!


When I started doing Krav Maga, I had not so much to add to the quantity of foods I was eating throughout the day, but change the timing of some. I found that 1/2 way through intensive training my energy would flag. So, my lunchtime apple became my 'on the way to Krav in the car' snack. My bottle of water for hydration during KM, became water+chia seeds.


Body needs clean carbs for fuel. Brown rice, or hit up a smoothie if you like with sprouted brown rice, lots of green veggies, banana, a protein source if you like (pea, hemp protein powder) but only if your feeling like you haven't sourced enough in your foods pre-work out. Should get you feeling good, strong and energized...


Good recovery foods, things with lentils, quinoa.....(a fav I like that I can cook up in bulk: chopped peppers, onion, and whatever else you like such as mushrooms, etc....cook that down...then add lentils, quinoa, cumin, and whatever spices you like, appropriate amounts of water...spinach, kale...cook till lentils and quinoa are good and soft. Usually there's no water left, so it doesn't look like stew. Just a nutrient dense, protein packed dish that stores and reheats well. Is good in the AM on whole wheat toast, or just on its own. I like to put in some chipotle peppers for smoky flavor and a little kick. Never worked out the calories from the ingredients though....homework for you! haha!


Always green veg, lots water, baked potato or sweet potato maybe. The fiber plus nutrients in a well planned meal should both meet your nutritional needs and fuel you up without a sugar spike in insulin followed by crash....

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