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Kiwi, New to Vegainism


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23 years old, 6.3, 77kg

I've been working out seriously and eating proper(vegan) the last 2.5 months

Ive noticed some good lean gains in the areas im trying to target mainly upper chest, legs and back.

I do have one smaller lat than the other which really annoys me, i put it down to the shoulder injury that never really healed properly, does anyone know some workouts that target one lat at a time? or should i just carry on training even and hope the other side catches up? The bad shoulder pops alot and feels quite restricted. Anyone had a similar injury?

it was a bike crash btw, over the bars and right on the shoulder


And what are your thoughts on glucosamine supps too?




Post workout

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Damn. Looking good!!


Not much direct to offer on the lat difference other than maybe to suggest maybe:


- focus on dumbbells...going heavier on the weaker side for lawn mowers, elbows out lawn mowers?

- maybe introducing towel on the strong side for rows, lats, etc. Make it more of a forearm/triceps pull down on that side so the lat on the weaker side get the focus???


Bad shoulder popping sounds to me (informally trained mind) like the tendons, etc. have to catch up. Had shoulder pain for a few years with not relief, and had a trainer tell me that shoulder joint not really designed for load-bearing (don't know if this is true or not). Suggested ditching shoulder weight bearing exercise until pain goes away. Ditch bench press for dumbell presses. etc. Focus on 3 kinds of shoulder exercise. Cable pulls, both weights to the right, 90 deg bend in elbow, rotating shoulder out....repeat on the left obviously, then the opposite, weights on the right, rotate with elbow at 90 degrees across the body....then direction, straight arm shoulder raise....dumbbells...straight out from your side, then straight out in front...


Whether the theory about load bearing is right or not, have not had shoulder pain since then. Like 10 years ago or more. Was doing shoulder presses, straight/incline/decline bench press before that. Pain never came back. Thinking dumbbells lets each side work to its best without one side compensating for the other. Better way to achieve balance.


On glucosamine supps..not an opinion one way or the other, besides suggesting on doing research. I think glucosamine for best bio-absorption it has to be integrated with other things. 2x your age. Running not my 'thing'. I have a glucosamin chondroitin suppliment but haven't yet researched it enough yet myself for effectiveness and bio-abosprtion. Too many things require other things to be useful to the body. Balanced whole foods plant based diet covers it all. Lots (not all) supplements are too isoloated for use in the body (in my opinion)....


Wish I had more direct experience. Body will compensate for weakness on one side or upper vs lower body. Decoupling the compensation mechanism makes sense. Dumbbells do that. Using a towel or similar to change the motion on the strong side makes sense.


Do note: I'm an engineer by day and education. Most fitness training comes from either personal experience or from reading a LOT of books from people like Robert Cheeke....

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Thanks my man, great advice .

Ive been going abit heavier on the weaker side, im going to give your exercises a jam. The only thing with the cables is that i dont go to a gym. I only workout at home with the stuff we have lying around, standard weights and benchpress. We do have a total gym though which is abit like cables, so maybe i should try use that.


My joints were pretty bad even while i was vegeterian and even when i was on the western diet. Now im noticing less cracks and pops during squats. Dont know if its the glucosamine ive been taking or the added omega 3's from all the flax and chiaseed powders ive been smashing.


Thanks for the reply bro!




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