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My question is about stretching as you can tell by the subject. I recently sprained my lower back and have been out of commission for a while. I don't like taking drugs unless there is no other choice, so after three months of not being able to properly do cardio or weight lift, I finally went to a Naturalpathic Center. I received some acupuncture treatments and I feel great and I am ready to hit the gym again. One thing the Dr. told me is that I need to stretch which I couldn't agree with more. I have never really done any stretching and I need some advice on when to stretch (I believe after I work out but I'm not really sure, and what about on off days?) and what stretching exercise are actually beneficial. Any advice to steer me in the right direction will be greatly appreciated!


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Hi Bill,


I would completely disagree with your Dr, contrary to popular belief, stretching does not...

- warm up muscles

- help prevent an injury

- make you more flexiable

- help you recover from an injury quicker


This is not merely my opinion, but rather the conclusion of scientists and physiologists who have studied stretching and its effect on the body.

Blood it the bodies best healer, and its the contraction of a muscle that draws blood into it. I've 3 herniated discs in my lower back, I've suffered with back (as well groin pain from pressure being put on nerves in my lower back) all of my adult life, all I ever found stretching did, was give temporary relief.

One movement I found helped a lot was a seated low back machine, one that straps or locks your hips down, I focused on the contracted half of the movement, made a big difference.

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The Doctor did deep tissue message and acupuncture with a little chiropractic adjustments. All new to me and even a little bit frighting; however it worked. I feel as good as it gets and I have been back at the gym without any drugs. I am planning on getting a professional deep tissue message in a few weeks because I do still have tight muscles. I do my stretching religiously now and will never again take it for granted. Everyone should make stretching a part of their workout routine; it's a perfect way to end your workout.

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