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"I'm always hungry" - says ANOTHER low-carber: Jeb Bush

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Jeb Bush just dropped out of the race for president after what Trump and others called a "Low-Energy" performance.


On Paleo for a year, he lost weight. But I found (while gathering data for my video) the lost weight wasn't from Low-carb. It never is. Seems EVERYONE who loses weight on Low-carb is doing something more proven; something I've noticed from 3 years of covering LC in my 300 videos. And it's the same conclusion as Dr. McDougall and others.


And, Jeb's diet may have weakened his campaign:




Diets usually don't work permanently, because they're based on Calorie restriction.

Losing weight is different than putting it on. The thin people around the world are not all carefully balancing their calories in & out. China isn't calculating all day. They eat as much as Americans; they simply live differently. Vegan is the beginning of the journey to health.


,Gary High-Fruit, of the High-Fruit Lifestyle

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