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FREEGAN Orangutang Mama aka Läski Urpo Apina in videos

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That's me armwrestling in this video (I'm the red haired muscular lady in left) which was filmed in Finnish Armwrestling Cup 2015. I ended up as 4th in that Finnish Armwrestling CUP Final Event. And I'm fifth in overall stats of Finnish Armwrestling CUP 2015 statics.


This was the FIRST sport competition that I have entered as an adult (as an child and teenager I competed in school competitions and such) and the first armwrestling match for me ever... just after few rehearsals. Not bad for 35 years old female freegan

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Here's the video from Baarin Vahvin Nainen (rough translation from finnish to english: "Strongest Woman of the Bar" -competitions that I won. So I'm double champion of Baarin Vahvin Nainen -competitions



That was the first real strong woman competition that I ever entered. This year I've been in strong woman sports rehearsal camp and I'll be competing in Strongest Woman 2016 competition in late summer in Tarvasjoki

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Yesterday evening I was in finnish national television, called YLE and the program was Yle Perjantai. The theme was gender diversity and I sat there on the front row. In the front row there was also one of the group called sipsikaljavegaanit (Chips & Beer Vegans in english). And actually finnish vegan food and sports supplement dealer called Vegekauppa (Vegeshop), which is my sports sponsor, has a campaign called kana_kukko (hen_rooster) where they support gender equality and gender diversity. And I actually mentioned the campaign in the end of the show. As You can see, It's cuite obvious that as a athlete I'm in superheavy league and on bulk right now But anyways, it was fun to be there on the show. My comment and the show is in finnish, but I wanted to share it with You anyways...




My commenting part starts about on 23:07. Have fun on watching the show while it's still on the web.....

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Now you can choose, do You wanna watch my 3 lifts in FPO Iloinen Härkä RAW Bench Press Competition,

in parts one in a time or all lifts in a row.


1st lift



2nd lift



3rd lift



All three lifts in LO-FI



All three lifts in HI-FI



All three lifts in HD




ENJOY WATCHING!!!! <3 <3 <3

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