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whole food plant based diet?

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I was curious to see how many people have success with a whole foods plant based diet, without any soy products and have success with weight loss and building muscle. If so I would love to see what your diet looks like. I don't mind supplementing with protein powder, but would love to not eat tofu and soy type products because they may be causing my body issues.

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Hi! Sorry for delay getting back to you. Work and life and all that.


So I'm vegan, 4 years now. Vegetarian for almost 10 years before that. Rocking it pretty good. Don't have soy issues, but I do add in pea protein, etc. when I've not sourced enough from my regular diet.


Curious what your ambitions are and what your body issues might be, and what your fitness and diet is like?


We, especially in marketing today are WAYY over marketed on the amounts of protein needed (I saw Cheerios w/protein the other day in the grocery store the other day...really??). A calorie sufficient plant based whole foods diet will be more than sufficient for all your needs, including protein. If you're a focused body builder or other type of focused activity, may need some tweaks.....


So, what's the goal and the current fuel you're getting?

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