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buidling muscle or losing fat?

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Hi Kathy,


Build the mass first, and then dail in the diet, a significant amount of fat can be lost in a relatively short period, but building mass takes years....


On a side note - Was at a gym last week with a friend, there was a woman there, I say 5'4, maybe 180-185lbs, very powerful shoulders and legs, muscular arms easy 16", she had a bit of fat around her waist and a big butt, but I can tell ya, she looked very impressive and stood out from all the rest. Its become fashionable these days for to lean out to the max and to try and make "leangains", guess it makes for good selfies on facebook lol, of course its not how they did it in the golden era of bodybuilding and strength training / pre steriods.

One guy were I work is aiming for to have 5% bodyfat, god love em, he has hmmm maybe 14" arms and a neck like a pencil, but hey....hes got a six pack and a vein popping up in his arm

Guess it boils down to personal preference, but trying to optimise ones size and strength while staying lean is like trying to ice stake uphill.


Just my 2 cents


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