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Please help, Raw food builder

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Hello, I am a female raw food bodybuilder in S. Korea.

I am planing to participate a bodybuiding competition in May. I have never participated before, this is my first experience.

Raw food bodybuiders are rare, so I have no place to gain information. Especially i really need information about food plan.

I eat raw fruites, veggie juice, smothie. i don't have any problems with losing fat. However, I want to know how i have to eat right before the competiton. As you know, raw foods contain a lot of water.

Could you guys please tell me some tips for food plan right before the competion to dehydrate waters?


Thank you in advance

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Dehydrated fruits and Nutrition and protein powders. Try various superfood blends in powder form. If your not into that then theres no other way around the water, just make sure your sweating enough in your workouts.

But also as a vegan you shouldnt have to worry too much about these things.

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