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Getting back in shape. Supplements

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I'm new here, 27, with a toddler. After struggling to keep a routine for the last 3 years (1 of those years pregnant and the rest adjusting and finding the motivation and time) I finally feel that I'm back on track, and I am looking to get back in shape (even better shape) I once had when I played sports 7 years ago!! Woah, time does fly!! I currently weight 115, not even as a teenager was I so skinny.


Back then I never took supplements. Now I added protein a few months ago due to my lifestyle and eating habits. I quit sugar almost 2 months ago! H5! It's hard, but feels great! I've been researching on BCAA's, Glutamine, and other supplements to take to help my body get the results I want.


I've currently managed to do weights late at night. Get home take a protein shake, sometimes a small snack and go to bed. Is it a good idea to add BCAA's to my post-workout shake along with glutamine since it's before bed? I am also working on doing a few cardio days in the morning and taking BCAA before that. Should I add another protein shake throughout the day? It's been a month since I started working out and I'm already seeing small results, mostly in my upper body, which is great. I do want to see results in my lower body. Patience, for a former volleyball player.


What do you recommend. I'm feeling a little lost and have confused myself with lots of info around.


Thank you so much!


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So first, you look great!


Supplements. That's a tough question. And lots of opinions and equally amounts of false info out there, so do be careful.


I large part, I think I'd try to source as much of my nutrients and micros naturally -- given that so many of them work in concert with each other. Isolated into supplement form can impact both the bio-availability and efficiency of them. It takes a fair amount of reading, asking questions, and experimentation.


Easier said than done, eating a range of grains, nuts, colors of veg, fruits, and hoping to get the right portions is pretty easy for just general wellness. Trying to source the right balance of macros ontop of it to help with fitness/performance goals is like going to the next level.


My usual question, is what are you eating on a typical day? Foods and rough portions/frequency?


That will help!


I try to source my nutrients as directly as I can from foods. However, if you came over and looked in my pantry you'd find NOW Pea Protein Powder (great in smoothies, helps with protein macros when my daily intake is pretty light), hemp powder, ground flaxseeds, chia seeds, an awesome organic superfood smoothie mix (acai, goji, and other good stuff), great multi-vitamin (as I was 'low' on my Vit D and Bs), and a bio-available magnesium supplement. Full transparency, authenticity.


Currently training for 1/2 marathon while working out to maintain my strength/physique. So my food intake is kinda all over the place depending on whether I'm doing running training or weights. LOL. Some days feels like complete opposite objectives, but I digress...


I'll tick the box to get a notice when you reply..or you can msg me so I'll know to come check it out!

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If you’re serious about changing your physical shape, you need to train and eat in the right manner to build new lean muscle mass while burning surplus fat. But training hard can deplete your body of vitamins, nutrients and other compounds essential for muscle gain and fat loss. Even with the best diet possible, it can be extremely tough to get all these vital fundamentals – and that’s where supplements come in.

In my opinion a stricter Vegan Diet, a more rigorous training schedule, more supplements is the best process for getting back in shape of your body.

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