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Can You Build Muscle on a Vegan Diet ?

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The first issue vegans may face when trying to gain weight and increase muscle mass is the failure to eat excess calories. To gain any type of bodyweight, it is required that the body receives more calories that it uses and with the highly satiating nature of plant foods, this may be a challenge. To avoid filling themselves without actually taking enough calories, vegan who are training should focus on plant foods other than highly satiating and low calorie vegetables.


vegans can have a hard time getting the needed amount of protein from their daily diet. Non-vegan bodybuilders are able to depend on a few high-protein foods such as chicken, eggs and milk. Deprived of these options, vegans must concentrate on eating plant foods that have reasonable protein contents such as legumes, nuts and cereals. When eaten in the right amount and combination, these plant sources will supply you with a decent amount of protein as they will give you a surplus of energy that will allow you to train hard.


Another problem vegan bodybuilders are likely to face when trying to meet their protein requirements is the dearth of complete proteins in the plant diet. To overcome this problem, vegans must learn about the amino acid profile of major plant food sources and come up with combinations that will provide a full amino acid profile. A well-known example of what is being explained here is rice and beans. This meal and the likes of it will supply your body with all the amino acids required for muscle retention and muscle building.


To further improve their diet vegan people have to research and learn about various plant foods that contains nutrients fostering muscle recovery as well as plant super foods. An apparent example of this concept is pineapple. This plant is the number one source of bromelain that fights inflammations and boosts muscle recovery. Vegans should remember that they have at their disposal this great muscle building food as well as several other super foods such as sacha ichi, quinoa and chai seeds.


what do you think ? Can you build muscle on vegan diet ?

Please share your opinion !

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I dont really believe theres such a thing as "superfoods", thats a marketing term. The body needs a few things in the right amount....intense training / stimulation, rest, calories and water.



I have finally found someone I agree with on the super foods issue. As far as building muscle on a vegan diet? Through the years I have seen Robert Cheeke and others do it via the www.

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