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Nutrition High Protein High Fat Lower Carb

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So i have been vegan for about 10 weeks now and its been going decently


I am currently 5'3 and 1/2 and on about using 1600 Calories my BMR is 959 ( i know its really low but i took a test in my sports nutrition class I think due to my previous lack of not eating many calories and working out a lot.


I work out about 6 days a week and have one cheat day.

Body fat about 21%


I am having some trouble knowing if I am on the right teach with my my macros and need ideas on recipes etc on how to reach them I really want to try and get abs and am not sure what I should alter to reach my goals!


Carbs: 120 grams = 480 cal = 30% Carbs

Fat: 65 grams = 585 cal = 36% Fat

Protein: 133 grams = 532 calories 33% protein

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