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1gm of Protein Per pound of body weight without Soy — How?

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I'm curious how you guys are getting all your protein (I mean lots). Or have you found you get good gains by just eating more carbs?


I had a bad reaction from soy — consuming 2-3 blocks of tofu per day over 3 years. I started to develop gyno on my right side. I stopped all soy and it went away in three weeks (Yes, what they say is true).


I'm following Michael Matthews book "Bigger Leaner Stronger". I'm seeing great results but I've been getting almost all my protein from big smoothies using organic plant protein powders and some with veggies. Without tofu it's been a real challenge getting my macros. I've even considered eating eggs but I can't bring my self to do it.


What's your take on it?

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I feel the same way. I finally said screw it and stopped eating so much fruit. I dropped my fruit intake from 15-20 servings a day down to about 8-10 and replaced with more beans, wheat and sweet potatoes and sometimes peanut butter. Been able to get my protein up from 80-ish to about 150g that way which is still pretty low for most bodybuilders but just about 1g per lb bodyweight for myself. I just manage to get more protein by eating the same foods in higher quantities though instead of changing the type of food so much.

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