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Trying vegan again. Please admins, don't deactivate me!

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My old account was deactivated for some reason even though I never used it. I registered it years ago but don't think I made even one post. Now I'm trying to go vegan again.


I'm in NH on the East Coast, USA and have a great YMCA with free weights and a steam room. I'm in need of good breakfast ideas. I'm going to have an egg this morning so I haven't quite made the transition yet. At least I've been meat free for several months.

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Hi there! Welcome back! Maybe old account closed due to low/no activity?


Regardless, I'll send you a couple breakfast ideas...one is easy/fast for getting out the door to work days, another fav I usually make in a batch, and just warm it up (or not...tastes great either way) for days when you have more time.


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