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B12 and supplements, 2 months vegan

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Ive transitioned from vegetarian (3 months) to vegan (2 months now) but i havent take any supplement or b12 so far, i live in mexico so most of the supplements i find in internet are not available here si if you could guide me with the name of the vitamins id need with amounts and intake frequency id be appreciated.


Thank you guys!

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A lot of plant based "milks" are fortified with b12, and vegan breakfast cereals are fortified with b12 a lot of times. Eat good food, and you really will not need to take supplements. If you can find a decent vegan multivitamin online that you can get in your country, that would fill in the gaps that you are missing.

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B12 is the only supplement (fortification is also a type supplement) vegans in industrialized living conditions need, given a generally balanced diet. I don't know what the above poster means by eating "good food," but I ate good vegan food for years and still ended up with health problems that were immediately eliminated once I started taking B12. Don't skip it.

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