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How much Cardio?

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Whilst trying to achieve more bulk - in terms of strength and size of lean muscle I have started to notice that my stomach remains slightly 'inflated or bloated'. I have started to look at my macros (with help from people on this forum - using other sites). However, I was only doing minimal cardio. This was due to the fact that I was under the impression that cardio would burn off gains made via lifting weight. I am not sure if this is the case and would appreciate some advice on the matter.


All of my weight training workouts start with a 5 minute jog on a treadmill to get the blood pumping and heart rate up.


I do complete 1 cardio session a week, but this only lasts for 1 hour:

20 minute run on a treadmill.

Abs work outs.

Punchbag work.



Should i incorporate more cardio into a daily workout in order to get the best possible lean muscle I can?


I dont want to lose gains, but would like to see a six pack and lean muscle.

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i used to think cardio was essential to get lean, but im the leanest ive ever been at the moment with no cardio what so ever and just a huge emphasis on clean diet. heavy weights and good clean diet no too high in calories but just enough to get bigger and stronger and you should find youll naturally get leaner.

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