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Your favorite signatures?


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Just today I noticed two different people commenting on others' signatures.


I know a bunch of us don't always read everyone's signatures but I'm going to start


I've actually extracted a few awesome quotes from seeing some signatures from our members here.


Any favorites out there?


Please share.

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Just an example of some I've come across and written down:


As thoughts are the seeds of all actions,

let me plant only good, pure seeds

so that the fruit will be the best.


Relationships based on falsehood are like

houses built with their foundations in mud.


Be an actor not a reactor


If I cling to the past, the present becomes

difficult and the future seems impossible.


To fear death means that I do not

understand the importance of life.


Even with a small bank account, those who are

content find themselves with great wealth.

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"May I always be the type of person my dog thinks I am"


This is from Shelby's signature. I think it is pretty awesome.


Thanks Rob! I like it too, but it sucks when your dog holds very high expectations, lol!


Hahaha, I have "Be the person your dog thinks you are" as my MySpace title. My friend commented on it and I said something like, "It's a lot to live up to!" and she replied, "Not if your dog thinks you're sucker!"


Well, she's got a point!

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All great ideas look like bad ideas to people who are losers. Its always good to test a new idea with known losers to make sure they dont like it.

- Dogbert


This is from Offense

Don't you just love it?

I work as a service technician. When people come and ask me for help they usually have an idea in mind. One of the first things you learn in this profession is that the best way to handle this situation is to let them try their idea and fail miserably. Then we try my idea that works. I love my job.

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