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HI All,


Kinda just talking out louad here, hopefully its of some interest...


Dont think I've mentioned before, but am a bit of a baseball fan, I was hoking through my old BB mags (the Mrs told me tidy up the roof space), anyho, was hoking and came across an old Mark McGwire training article from his record breaking home run 1998 season. The guy years later did admit to using drugs, which were apparently were was to help heal some career threatening injuries, of course as a byproduct, he packed on 30lb of muscle (but no amount of drugs would have given him the hand to eye coordination he had for hitten). He had 19" arms and baseball bat like forearms, he was a solid 225lb @ 6'5, though was riddled with injuries.


His 98 workout was as follows...




DB Curls

Preacher Curl

Reverse Curl

Wrist Curl


Overhead DB Extension




Hammer Chest Press

Hammer Incline Press






1. Lateral Raise

2. Leg Extension

3. Leg Curl


-All exercises are for 2-4 sets 8-15 reps, bar forearms, their just 2 sets of 15-25

-Mark varies sets and reps from workout to workout

-Mark no longer squats or leg presses due to a history of back issues

-Off season, Mark trains 3 days off, one day on


What I like about it, its fairly low volume training, in the article, Mark States " I see all sorts of crazy stuff in the gym these day, people think they need to do 100 reps for biceps and 1000 reps for chest from a million different angles per workout to see any difference, the tendency to overtrain does more harm than good".


Going to be giving modified version of the above routine a go myself, want to get my arms up to the 18" mile stone, this routine is very much an arm specialisation routine, so ill see how it goes. Ill post more on my log.


Anyho, hope this is of interest to some










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looks good, nice and simple but effective judging by Mark himself it works/worked. I wonder sometimes how these fit athletes gets big and strong while obviously having to do a fair bit of cardio, weight seems to just fall off me if i even think of doing cardio!

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Hey Mate, when your able to hit a ball at 90mph out of a stadium, you dont need much cardio lol.....nor does the catcher:)


It was the same with Linford Christie, he said the worst thing about winning in sprinting was the lap of honour you have to do after lol, he said he'd really poor cardio. All joking aside, Id said the likes of Mark would have just done sprints for getting from base to base.


Yeah gotten hit this 18" gun mark, dont see myself getting there without specialisation, its like the mighty Mike Quinn said in a recently youtube interview, "in my day it was all about the upper body and arms, but we took less drugs, the guys today are big all over only because of the sheer volume of gear their on".

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