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Hack Squats

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I am going to do Robert's sample leg program in the Shred It! book. After the bodyweight squats and front squats, he recommends hack squats. I've done these before so I am familiar with them, but when I perform them, my knees tend to waaaaay overshoot my toes when I'm in the downward position. Is this dangerous? Am I doing it wrong? If anyone can give me some insight, it would be appreciated.


Thanks, K

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Hi there, im pretty sure your knees arent supposed to pass your feet during any kind of squats, its probably a flexibility or machine set up issue maybe try smith machine squats instead you can move your feet around alot more because the machine is holding the bar for you. You can put your feet further infront of you and almost lean on the bar. There wont be much difference between the two as your basically doing the same thing you just have more options to get comfortable and avoid injury.

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