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Which exercise bike to buy?

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I know there are mainly three types of exercise bikes in the market, upright, recumbent, and spining exercise bike.

I am quite into cycling, so I think the spining one would be more helpful to my training. I read an article that says:

If you already have some health issues such as joint pain, it is recommended to opt for an exercise bike and move on to a spin bike when you are completely fit.

While my family would like to use it as well, so I think a recumbent bike would be suitable for my family, because it has comfortable seat which is good for elderly users.

So, to split the difference, I am planing to buy a crazysales Genki upright exercise bike, which is great for my home training, has adjustable resistance level, and safe enough for my family members.


And what do you guys think? Among the three kinds of bikes, which one would be better?

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