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Namaste, my name is Billie Sky Rudd,


I have been following this forum and Robert on facebook for years now, but never introduced myself,


seeing all these amazing athletes and body builders i didnt feel i had much to offer above what you could find here, but now I have something which I feel can benefit everyone big or small.


Vegan bodybuilding & fitness is an amazing resource and i have always sent my friends and acquaintances here when interacting and speaking about plant based diet topics which for me occurs regularly in daily conversation.


Last year i started my own Website , www.skyfitness.yoga


This is me in 2008 and now in 2016




I am a certified Hatha yoga instructor and have been teaching yoga and meditation for almost five years now


my father was a yoga teacher and so ive been practicing yoga for over ten years


I started bodybuilding eight years ago


then got into power lifting


when I was 25 i rack pulled 410 pounds which is my PR


after which i got an injury deadlifting


now I am doing serious calisthenics for strength training


Im coming out with a new program in a few months, 108 days of madness.


for now I just want to offer all of you out there reading this a Free Gift for Christmas


This is a gift from me to you on behalf of the mothers of all the animals you are saving by choosing a plant based diet


Inspired by great yoga musicians, over the last year I have delved into the realm of sound and music production


I have created an album which is a mixture of peaceful yoga sound with electronic beats and spiritually-infused lyrical rhymes


Most athletes have a tendency to be over active on their sympathetic nervous systems


yoga and meditation target the parasympathetic nervous system, calming and relaxing the body, mind, and spirit


This is an integral part of any beings transformative process


i like to think of it as body building for the mind


you can find more information about the album on our facebook page




or if you want to claim a free copy you can go directly to my website www.skyfitness.yoga


send me a message that you saw this post and are living plant based and i will send it to you at no cost (you can make a donation for shipping later if you feel the music had a positive benefit on your life)


Thanks for your time and living a plant based life and i wish the very best for all of you


your new friend,


Billie Sky Rudd

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